Services Offered



1) In line with the Ministerial directives aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19, we recognize that one may not be able to travel or may be in need of an urgent consultation.

2)The Consultation will be offered over the internet & costs the same as a face to face consultation at our offices . Be sure that any prior medical records will be reviewed during the consultation.

3)To book a consultation over the internet, prior payment via Paybill is required to secure a slot.

4)A face to face consultation would still be possible (if preferred) for subsequent consultations in future.

5)Any tests required will be discussed during the Telepsychiatry interview process.

6)Laboratory or imaging requests will be emailed or sent via what’s app. The results will be reviewed on the same platform and recommendations made.

5)Should you prefer medication delivered to you countrywide, there are service providers you could choose from who would make this possible. We however do not provide this service ourselves.

6)This is a Cash only platform.

We look forward to offering you this service wherever you are at your convenience!

Call 0701079863 or 020 4446360 for a slot!

Multidrug screening tests:

Substance abuse is rampant in our population.  Persons presenting with abnormal behaviour should undergo a drug screen as part of their evaluation. Healthy Mind Consultants conducts a screening test for ten commonly used substances.  Random checks areconducted for those recovering from substance related disorders.

Mental Status Assessments:

Persons who present with abnormal behaviour, problems regulating emotions or stress in general require an evaluation from a psychiatrist.  The mental status assessment determines the mode of management for each client.  Courts may require assessment of the accused person or the victim of crime.  Schools may require assessment for children with discipline issues.

Health Talks:

Public awareness is an integral component of mental health promotion.  Topics addressed include Substance Related Disorders, Work & Mental Health, Stress Management, H.I.V & Mental Health among others.


This refers to ‘Talk Therapy’.  Not every patient who comes to us leaves with a prescription.  We do offer individual counselling and marital counselling.

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